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colines pequeñocolines
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Enjoy our colines, the best way to accompany your dishes with our flavour and unique textures.

bolitas medianobolitas
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The tastiest bolitas you can find. All the Panadería Artesana Obando flavour in a round format makes eating picos easier and more enjoyable than ever.

picos utreranos grandepicos utreranos
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The authentic flavour of Utrera picos. With our artisan Utrera picos, you will remember the most classic pico texture, ideal to pair with any meal.

piquitos medianopiquitos
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Our piquitos are the ‘little ones’ of the big Panadería Artesana Obando family, but with a flavour that those who prefer their bread a bit less toasty will fall in love with.

rebujo medianorebujo
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Why choose just one pico when you can have them all? Choose our rebujito and discover the best assortment of our products to accompany all your dishes.

rosquillas pequeñorosquillasOut of stock
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The authentic roscos with the Obando seal. The most classic of picos straight to your table with all our essence.

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If you like picos, you will love our trencinas. No preservatives or additives, you can enjoy one of your favourite complements to your meal all naturally.